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The finer collection of GPonies.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
GMod rulz, SFM droolz.

The place to go, for all your GMod Pony related needs and desires (especially if you don't like the Rainbow Horse specifically).
Also TF2 and stuff.

I'm not doing any requests.

tumblr:… (at your own risk)
Some people take this shit waaaay too seriously. Like this guy :iconratwo619:
I just got this note and I'm still not entirely sure if this guy is legit or just plain bonkers...

"Hey Christian if your reading this? You know me. The one who loves charity and The Ice Bucket challenge? The fan of the Lunatic Fringe named Dean Ambrose from the Ambrose Asylum? Well not really but anyway I’m not here to talk about WWE or ALS I’m here to talk about something else. It’s not the gift of becoming yourself as a SFM or Gmod artist, It’s not the TF2 and other games that you always love to play, It’s not the movies like Star Wars that you loved to watch, And It’s not the bands and music artist Its not violence and gore that is disturbing me. The main problem of this note is you! You becoming an unloyal and treacherous person you are. Yes I said it. Unloyal because of your hateful Dashabuse with you pink and dark reign! So you want the element loyalty dead right? That means you want to see Dash died in the show or you just want 5 elements die make one element corrupted with evil, or you want to see all elements die so Equestria will be dead? Is that what you want? Let me talk about Dashie for a minute. When Rainbow Dash was a filly she used the Sonic Rainboom to shine rainbows all over Equestria. Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Twilight magical got their cutie marks. Even….Pinkie Pie. Without Rainbow? They won’t have their marks, Without Rainbow? There will be no element of loyalty. And without Rainbow? She won’t try to protect and help her friends!!! And all of that treacherous abuse art of your is how you really say…….thank you? No! It’s not a thank you! It’s all about condemnation, criticism and disapproval! So I question you and myself. If you and other people really love to watch MLP then why you and some people want it dead? Is it bloodthirstiness?, Having a better reputation to earn friends?, Or they want to see one character dies? For me? Its bloodthirstiness. But you? You don’t even have one true reason why you hate RD. Is it because of what she did?, Is it because of her color?, her race?, the personality?, the Sonic Rainbow Boom?, Or you maybe are just jealous of her? Can answer the reason? The true reason? Well let me tell you something. You can’t kill what won’t die. You can’t kill the voice actor of Dash and AJ Ashleigh Ball. And I can’t kill Dreker Jones aka Sergeant Sprinkles. But someday I will find him but not kill him. And I have a feeling you have problems of your past life when your parents raised you. I have a feeling you have been bullied and teased, I know I have a feeling that you can’t get freedom ,And I know that I have a feeling that you fears and soft spots. But everyone needs to change. Just like me. Before long time ago I brag myself that I was a hater of ponies and but the present time? I’m not anymore. Everyone needs to change Christian everyone. You can tell me about your past life if you want. You have 2 choices to make Christian. Do you want to stop being a hater so can enjoy your life as a brony to learn how friendship goes? Or….. You can just stop watching MLP and quit becoming a fan of MLP so you can move on to Team Fortress 2 or Star Wars or whatever maybe so you can be free from MLP. You have the right to choose Christian this is not my art you need to stop. It’s yours. Accept your fault and regret it Christian. Just remember these 3 words Christian. Rise Above Hate. The message means that don't let the hate of all the bullies get to you, rise above and conquer you fears and be a star! You don't need to fight all you need is the power to voice your troubles to an adult and make sure you the world make sure to be safe, be tolerant, be respectful, and most importantly: Be a star!

Have Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Laughter and Loyalty and Magic will come to you inside your heart

Kervin Donn Go
AKA Ratwo619"

Better get some Cheesus into my life or sumthing.

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